March 10, 2017


Helix Security Solutions

Helix Solutions Group offer everything you will need from Home Security Systems through to Commercial Grade CCTV Solutions and GPS Tracking. The products we offer lead the industry globally for setting the highest standards for quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that are customised to suit our customers needs and not just offering off the shelf, one size fits all products.


Need to secure your business? Whether it be a small business premises, corporate office or construction site, Helix Security Solutions has the solution to secure your location with the highest reliability, quality and value for money.


Want to know who is snooping around you property when you aren’t there? Get one of Helix Security Solutions YardGuard Cameras and you always know who is lurking around your property, day or night!


Know exactly where your most expensive assets are, all of the time. Simple DIY installation allows you to rollout GPS Tracking quickly and affordably across your fleet of Plant and Machinery.