March 20, 2017

GPS Tracking

Vehicle & Asset Monitoring

Know exactly where your most valuable assets are, all of the time. Engineered to the highest specification, our extensive range of devices incorporate the very latest cutting-edge features and whilst ensuring the highest reliability and data integrity. We have devices designed for a range of different industries and requirements.
Our GPS devices will allow you to make better quality decisions with better quality information, maximising your time and efficiency and most importantly, your bottom line.

Theft Recovery

Knowing where your assets are can be critical, especially when they have gone walk about. With crime on the rise and car jacking and plant theft being a daily occurrence, wouldn’t you want to be able to recover stolen assets instantly? With a couple of clicks, you will know within meters, the live location of your assets allowing for a quick and easy recovery for the authorities.

Remote Workers

In many industries such as mining, oil and gas, employees are required to work alone in hot and physically challenging environments for long periods. We offer a range of products that enable employers to communicate, track and be alerted when their employees encounter emergency situations, ensuring the safety of their workers no matter their location.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver behaviour ensures the safety of your workforce whilst behind the wheel. With GPS tracking devices, a manager or business owner has the tools to evaluate drivers to determine if they’re meeting the standards and expectations of the business.  Our detailed reports give your managers the tools to work with the employee to take corrective action – before accidents happen and before costs get out of line.